Owner Dawn Fuller Lavallee

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" Here your family"
Hair, waxing, airbrush make up,
specializing in Bridal and formal engagements.
Salon Bei Capello Inc.

What does Salon Bei Capello mean anyway?
It means "Great Hair" in Italian. No we are not even Italian, my husband Joshua Lavallee liked it and it stuck. :)

    I have wanted to start a salon since I was five years old. It took me 35 years but I finally did it.
    We opened in 2008. We have had so much support since the day we opened. A sincere thanks to all of the blackstone Valley, our friends, and family who have supported us. We wouldn't be here without you.
   Salon Bei Capello is a family salon, Men, women, and kids. We love getting to know the whole family and sharing in their growing years.
   It's a full circle moment when you get to see the kids through proms, and then their own wedding, and eventually their children.
   This really is the best job in the world, our clients become family to us, and we get to make you look great. Our days are filled with hugs, laughter, and sometimes tears of gratitude.
   If it's after five o clock b.y.o.b. and a smile.
We are a fun and happy group and have a rule to "Be nice or leave". :)
  If ever you should have a less than perfect Salon experience please contact me personally and I will make it right. If you have had a spectacular experience with us .......
  Then please don't keep it a secret.
The highest compliment we can receive is a referal!
Dawn Fuller Lavallee
22 West Street
In Felters Mill
Millbury, Ma 01527

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